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Our solid foundation
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Pitman Properties was conceived in New South Wales in 1980 by our sole director, Paul Pitman. At the time, it focused on construction, leveraging Paul’s qualifications and extensive building experience. As Paul’s interests evolved, so did the business. After dipping his toes in real estate development 20 years ago, Paul grasped the opportunity to grow Pitman Properties into a fully integrated builder-developer company.
Now based in Brisbane, Paul has established a highly skilled team focused on subdivisions and high-end residential builds. Our whole team strives to create positive property experiences for every client and partner.

The strength of our team and connections

Our achievements are a direct result of our team’s depth of property development experience and our dedication to excellence. We are forward thinkers who aren’t afraid to step outside the box to find new real estate solutions.
We have long-standing connections with consultants, suppliers and trades. We can demand and expect excellence from this extended family. It’s how we consistently achieve value, quality and efficiency.

Setting new benchmarks in property development

When we’re advancing a concept from design through to completion, we perform every stage with enthusiasm, precision, and an open perspective.
We stay innovative and true to our own exceptionally high quality standards, while always looking for value. In this way, we consistently raise the bar for the industry.

Residential projects in Brisbane and surrounds

During our 40+ years, we have enjoyed a strong pipeline of diverse real estate projects and a very satisfied network of clients and project partners.
Our past and current projects include the development of prestigious homes, apartments, townhouses, and boutique land and acreage developments.
We’re headquartered in Brisbane, a region that continues to demonstrate growth and potential. This is where we’ve proven our capability to deliver unrivalled project lifecycle outcomes.


Phone: +61 733 911 244Email: info@pitmanproperties.com

Pitman Properties has a 40+ year history in property development. With experience spanning residential and commercial developments, our projects literally rise above others to stand proud and make a tangible and positive difference to the lives of many.